Learning, jazz and summer schools… here I go….

I’m off to Summer school tomorrow. This particular course has taken place in Wales for a good 30 years, but this year its in London. What’s caused the move I’m not sure – I’ve heard various versions but not sure the full story is out. My number of attendances over the years rank in double figures … the mid teens I think.. such that I think of this as my Jazz ‘family holiday’.

The link and the list of tutors for this year is below – what a roll call. Some of the best and most exciting players on the British scene will be there so some powerful playing and jamming is a guarantee never mind the students! . A few paras on learning and then I’m off to pack my bag!

What drew me there originally was the desire to make a sound something like I was just learning to love on CD, but more often live on the local jazz scene in Bristol. I’m a bit slow on the uptake, so it took me quite a while to realise that I was never going to hear that magic ‘trick’ that would suddenly mean I could ‘do it’. That’s not to say that I haven’t learnt an enormous amount over the years, but translating it into something that happens when I play is definitely a never ending journey; mainly perspiration rather than inspiration.

So now, the most valuable thing I’ve got is some insights into how to improve and learn new things for myself; many friends, many magical moments and a fair bit of inspiration.

Lets see what this year brings!


Pete Churchill-vocal coach, Geoff Simkins-sax, Chris Batchelor-trumpet, Dave Cliff-guitar, LiamNoble-piano, Steve Watts-bass, Alison Rayner-bass, Dave Hassell-percussion, MartinSpeake-sax, Julian Siegel-sax, Lee Goodall-sax, Stan Sulzmann-sax


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