Claire Martin at Ronnie Scotts (1st September)

I really like John Fordham’s writing.  Here’s his review of the gig (I thought I spotted him sitting at the bar):

He finishes his review with the comment “.. the gig confirmed just how well Martin preserves jazz spontaneity without frightening the unconverted.”

That’s how to appreciate real artistry and and jazziness whilst acknowledging its quite accessible – and not sounding sniffy!

I really enjoyed this gig and think she’s a great singer.  There is something just a little ‘held back’ about the band. Claire Martin’s delivery is almost understated at times and I quite like that – its not showy but it is intense. That was what it felt like when she was singing a ballad written by the tragically recently deceased Esbjorn Svensson which started with the words ” If we meet again…..”.

I wonder if that ‘held back’ quality is what John Fordham meant by “.. not frightening the unconverted”

It was a lovely gig – go see her if you get the chance


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