East Bristol Jazz Club, January 8th

We are just back from a fun evening with the denizens of the East Bristol Jazz Club  http://ebjc.co.uk/blog/ . It always gives me a warm fuzzy glow when I see people making things happen. There’s a rich vein of music making in all genres going on often not very seen, which enriches the lives of so many people (sentimental moi?) which is a thousand miles from the bleeding edge of innovation and not necessarily in the upper reaches of excellence, but nevertheless brings the participants and listeners real pleasure. Not all jams are like that – they can be strutting, cutting affairs – but this one is very local, small and fun. Its got quite a long pedigree and has moved around. For a few years  under the stewardship of Bristol trumpeter Dave Mowatt it was just known as Seymours after the now demolished, somewhat bizarre club, it used to happen in. Many a Bristol jazzer cut their teeth there. Its subsequently moved to its current home and I think it’d be fair to say it would have died long ago if not for the energy and sheer doggednes of Nick Langston ( http://www.nicklangston.com/ ) – good on yer Nick.


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