Ben Waghorn, St. James Wine Vaults, February 26th

417388644_e5376b9be3Normal service was resumed at the Vaults tonight. There was no snow keeping folk at home, Tony (DJ) was back from illness the one constant, quality music, was there as ever.

Ben Waghorn is the real deal. This is the second time recently I’ve listened to a tenor player play a standard tune and almost render soloing a bit unecessary. The first was Bobby Wellins and Ben managed it a couple of times this evening. They are very different players. My one and Only Love was simply beautiful. Tone, feel, a slight hestitation here a rush of a phrase there, n embellishing flurry of notes almost like a sigh but some how etching out the harmony; all combined so that at the end of the melody it felt like the tune had been interpreted as well as stated. That was well worth coming out for. There was plenty more and Jim Blomfield was on keyboard this evening (playing an identical model to regular keys man Andy Novak, so it seems the Nord is the keyboard of choice at the moment), so there were a few pyrotechnic displays later in the evening. I wasn’t totally sold on Ben’s occasional switches to alto, but I think that might be because I was enjoying his tenor sound a lot.

There’s some great gigs coming up at this venue and elsewhere in Bath; Theo Travis in March (26th) at the vaults and Charley has lined up with Marcin Wasilevsky Trio at Chapel Arts, also in March (20th) – wow!


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