Metropolis, The Old Farmhouse, 27th February

The Old Farmhouse, so Bath rumour goes, will be closing shortly – again. We popped in last night to catch Metropolis, established 10 years ago and quite content, it seemed,  to play the Farmhouse on  a fortnightly basis until the legendary Bradshaw gave up the tenancy two or three years back (the pub sign was even a portrait of him in the latter, rather bleary eyed years of his tenure) . The band morphed a bit over time and, I’m sure they won’t mind me saying, were a bit rusty as a unit last night. The last couple of years haven’t been kind to the Farmhouse although there’s still quite a loyal clientele still there from the old days, and Metrop are irregular visitors now. But the old spark and mischeviousness are still there. They play zany jazz/ funk/ rock versions of much loved jazz and pop tunes. Wade’s electric bass  intro to canteloupe (with effects plus) had the paint peeling of the window frames and as we retreated down the hill with the strains of the theme from 2001 a space odyssey following us, I was quite moved (not to say amused).


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