Wait.. and the (jazz) world will come to you….

I am just a little breathless at the quality of the jazz coming up over the next few months; Bath seems all of a sudden to have become centre of the Jazz universe. Very quietly, the Fat Fowl in Bradford upon Avon has been hosting a series of incredible gigs; on Thursday (19th) Jason Rebello and Iain Ballamy are in duo. In April, John Law is there with his trio (world class in John Fordham’s view). Blimey! Thurday 26th sees Theo Travis at St. James Wine Vaults with the house band. He is without question an unsung hero of the British scene – a mighty fine player.I can barely contain my excitement at the prospect of Marcin Wasilevsky at Chapel Arts in Bath on Friday (20th). They are around in London and that Fordham chappy is looking forward too here.

And then… I opened my programme for the Bath Festival. Check it out here, but suffice to say what with Dave Holland and  Branford Marsalis each bringing their band the wow factor is there. I’m excited about Curios and Bojan Z as well (old Bath fest fave) and there’s a bit of quirk there too. Musings on whether or not the Bath Fest has got a bit more conservative under Joanna Macgregor’ s direction will have to wait for another day, I for one am saving up for my weekend pass.

I am just wondering if the credit crunch is sending all these chaps out on the road. What ever the reason, I plan to enjoy.


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