Marcin Wasilewsky Trio, Chapel Arts Bath, 20th March

p1010114This Polish trio are making a few waves on the European jazz pond these days. Slipping into this gig on Friday just as the band started, my ears were caressed by a few stroked left hand chords and melodic fragments from the pianists right hand that were echoed and complemented by bass/ drums skittering and rumbling. The meditative atmosphere developed and mutated into a groovy vamp with a theme traced out over it. After some fine improvising the theme reappeared and the band settled on a funky bluesy figure that wouldn’t have sounded out of place in a Keith Jarett gig. This is a really fine band, the glue of which seems to be a really strong empathy making the transitions seamless and a really distinctive sound which seems to distill all sorts of elements from European jazz, Keith Jarrett, Herbie Hancock executed with a beautiful touch and feel. If you like that music, every phrase will seem familiar and just the right thing for that moment. Its not revolutionary but its top draw contemporary European jazz

The noodle – theme & groove – vamp sequence was repeated again to complete the first set. The second set was more varied with a Stanko piece, an arrangement of the theme from Cinema Paradiso and fininshing with a swinger (the first swung quavers of the evening) – a  Carla Bley piece on which the band really burned perhaps just to show us they could in case we doubted it.


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