Looking back at Friday from a safe distance there is a quiet glow of satisfaction; we really did enjoy ourselves. There were a few crazy moments. Lee stepping up to to play the Head of a tune and his soprano refusing to work was one – all the keys were sticking! We blamed that hot chilli pizza he had.  Its so hard to know what other people hear and like  (or not) in what you do, that the best course is to do what you can, like and want to and hope your audience agrees and ‘gets it’.  The audience on Friday were polite enough to sound like they did – hence the good feeling. It was different doing a gig as a trio + 1 for a change.  The same space, but more people in it and getting to know another personality. Hope fully we can get a few more gigs to repeat it.

It is a bit a slog hustling for gigs, and at the moment my perception is that a few less phone calls and emails are being returned. My imagination or the time we live in?


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