Pete Canter, St. James Wine Vaults, April 23rd

peteatjpTenor man Pete Canter was in town for the evening playing with the regular trio at the vaults. Two thoughts stick in my mind from this evening. The first is that the house trio plus guest format can be thrilling: the interaction between guest and regulr trio can spark both up. The down side can be that if the common ground is standards, it can be a bit flat and lifeless. This evening we had All the things you are, Recordame, What is this thing called love. I had a bit of deja vu thinking “was it Theo Travis or Ben Waghorn I heard playing these a few wekks ago?” And then… thought number 2. All good players will produce an ‘ahhhh… moment’ in a gig.  As the band started into ‘Til there was you and Pete came in, mid register on the tenor, I was transported. Something about his tone and phrasing on the tune just captivated me. Everything clicked.


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