Easter Listening – A rendezvous with Jacky…


Jacky who? Why Jacky Terasson of course! Blue Note recording artist, but maybe a bit a bit under the radar. Brief biog and discography here . I re-listened to lots of stuff whilst on holiday (thank you iPod) and was reminded of all the quliaties that have always drawn me to his playing. Piano ‘chops’ wise, I think he is  a ‘post’ Herbie player if there is such a thing. There’s lots of Herbie’s sound in the harmony, phrasing and touch. What never fails to charm for me, is he can leave acres of space and play a phrase in just the right, unexpected place. Any album of his trio or band is likely to be a blend of  exquisitely rendered ballads, quirkily re-worked pop tunes, demented workouts over whacky grooves and sometimes a completely straightfaced, unadorned reading of the simplest of tunes.

My favourite all time, possibly ever album, is Rendezvous. recorded in 1997 with Cassandra Wilson it was, so I read somewhere, a record company plot to bring them together. But oh, how it works. They blend their understated, inventive re-imaging of tunes to perfection. There’s a track up on myspace at the moment. They didn’t re-define any genres but there’s a simple beauty about the whole album which means I keep returning to it.


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