Bath Festival: Jazz Line up….

We popped down to the Mission Theatre last night to see if we could sneak into the Jazz Line Up broadcast (no tickets again) – and lo, there were some no-shows so in we went. Bojan Z was on again but both myself and the other pair of ears with me agreed it was almost like listening to a different band. We could hear everything. All the instruments were there but not blurred together. It sounded better through the wall waiting outside than it had inside Komedia. And this time I heard all the wild East European melodies and rhythms mixed in with that wild funk. Joshua Roseman on trombone (for it was he) suddenly made sense. So my star rating has gone up for this band (there still pretty full on though), but hoping the sound is going to better this afternoon in Komedia. We’ll see. We got a set Abram Wilson as well. Good stuff but were they a little reserved maybe?

Jazz Line up was fun. Poor old Julian Joseph fluffed his continuity lines a few times but had us all chuckling along with him.


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