Bath Festival…. another day with lots of cake…

No matter how lovely the cake, you can’t eat it all. So Bobo Stenson has done a solo gig without me. Kevin Le Grande will give a lecture about Cannonball Adderly followed by a gig by Empirical ( in the lovely Little Theatre cinema), also without me. I will see Empirical later though, opening for Brandford Marsalis. Its rumoured (by my fellow Bristol blogger ) that Marsalis will be without Mr Jeff Tain Watts on drums. Maybe he doesn’t like Bath. He was due to come last year with McCoy Tyner and didn’t appear.

One comment

  1. surprised you could resist Stenson – though I agree nine sets in three days was a lot to take in!

    He sounded wonderful in that space, though. The set finished with a particularly affecting slow version of Ornette’s Blues Connotation (I think it was), which had a close your eyes and it could be Keith Jarrett feel, but I think Bobo got there first…

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