… the quiet arrival of Bristol Jazz

What a delight to read John Fordham’s review of the new Get the Blessing album, Bugs in Amber. It set me thinking about Bristol Jazz. There is a ‘generation’ of musicians from Bristol who have been quietly honing their craft, defining their sound and sticking to their guns over years. Now, in the last couple of years they are getting (richly deserved) national recognition. So Get the Blessing finally get the Fordham blessing. Not so long ago Jon Taylor was getting warm praise from John Walter’s for Tango Siempre’s latest release. Last summer Kevin Figes’ album was released to warm reviews on Edition Records

Now Jon may no longer be a Bristol resident, but back in the day (mid 90s?) he and Jake McMurchie (Get the Blessing) had a great band called What Four. Pete Judge (Get the Blessing) and Jon started a record label, Written on Water and they were all, with Kevin in the big band Ultrasound together. I must confess to feeling a quiet pride in their achievement, built as it is on a fair bit of graft. And there are a couple of generations of prepostorously talented players who will surely be making their mark.

I did have a quiet smirk however when John Fordham referred to Get the Blessing as a young Quartet; I love you guys… but young?!


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