… its oh so quiet….

Its July and most of the regular gigs take a breather over the summer; there are a few festivals around although in these straitened times there are fewer (oh Brecon where art thou) and I guess I’ve just been busy. I did make it to the St. James wine vaults summer jam last week, although in the middle of a heat wave the allure of the underground cellar seemed to have lessened for some folks!

So good on yer Marlborough for the festival this weekend. I’m just back from our lunchtime gig there. We were in the British Legion Club which is quite a bit out of the centre of town so we feared for an audience (2 people for the first number but a respectable crowd by the time we finshed). There is a lot of music on there; the hoarding advertising claimed 100 bands over the weekend. Its a pretty broad interpretation of jazz (I walked past one pub pumping out thrash metal) but it brings the crowds in and a definite buzz. I had my regular sense of being humbled by the passion and industry of people who make these things happen.  So many of the gigs on the wider ‘circuit’ are there only because enthusiasts make it happen with breaking even being a welcome relief. Long may it continue.


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