Not Rollins Week; the ones that got away

Were I to have been loaded (financially you understand), capable of zipping around London at speed (and possibly in two places at once), I might have got in to see Thomas Stanko  on Saturday, or Bobby Hutcherson at Ronnie’s. The one I really regret not seeing is Kurt Elling at pizza express. This is just too much. I’d have been broke by Sunday and not able to afford Chick Corea and his mates. Being quite hip and in the know, I’d have checked out Robert Glasper as well. That’s without trying to catch all our home grown stars scattered all around London – and there’s still a week of it to go. Just as well we are skulking at the other end of the M4. I’m glad that others made these gigs though. So if you want to know how it was; Chick here or here, Robert Glasper here or here, Bobby here and a Stanko review here (but not from London).



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