Holiday Listening & Waterfront Cafe, Bridgetown, Barbados, Saturday April 10th

What a location. Overlooking the inner harbour waterways in Bridgetown on a steamy Saturday night (it takes some foresight to book your holiday for the week the drought breaks in Barbados), this stone floored, atmospheric bar would be a great place to hear some jazz. The trio tonight led by Paul Thorne on trumpet didn’t set the place alight, but were initially good fun – a whizz through Breezin and a couple of calypsos… yes St. Thomas was one…. I must confess we were driven out when he picked up a tenor sax. He’s clearly decided to extend his sond by learning sax but we felt it wasn’t quite ready for gigging yet (tuning Paul!). Still the line – up is interesting: trumpet, bass and guitar. It sent me back to a Christian McBride album with Nicholas Payton and mark whitfield called Fingerpainting. All Herbie Hancock compostions. You never miss a larger ensemble and some awesome playing. So thanks for the nudge Paul.

While I’m on the subject, other holiday listens that have delighted me have been returning to some old faves. Firstly Serenity (Bobo Stenson). slightly weird on a Carribean beach with the Swedish meister being serene, minimal but profoundly groovy and melodic in my ears – but totally delightful. Second, couldn’t resist Flutterby Butterfly (Kenny Wheeler) – close to Fingerpainting on the iPod – the momentum and lyricism of the band can never fail to lift my spirits even as that drought breaking rain came down as well.


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