Here endeth the drought – Cheltenham and Bath festivals approach….

May, two bank holidays and two jazz festivals coming up, so there are no excuses for not catching some live Jazz. We’ve been very selective in our booking for Cheltenham. The gigs are short and the prices not quite eye watering but you can soon spend a lot of money. So we are booked for Niki yeoh trio with John surman and Troyka on Saturday next. The reasoning is idiosyncratic so I’ll move on. Cheltenham looks different this year with marquees, a free stage and every base covered (caberet, avant-funk-free, scandanavians aplenty and the best of british. Nice website. Have a leaf through the brochure

Bath too as some real tempting choices as well as some interesting choices (Booker T anyone?). Kenny Wheeler is coming and there are French/ Dutch goings on and the extraordinary Django Bates with a piano trio playing Charlie Parker: now that I have to see. Horrid website – can’t find anything.


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