Chapel Arts – what’s going on?.. puzzled of Bath

Chapel Arts, the latest incarnation of a great little performance space in the middle of Bath has been going a year or so now and we’ve seen some cracking gigs there in that time. Recently, they’ve had some really quite big names (Empirical, Courtney Pine and last Friday Jacqui Dankworth) and I see Annie Whitehead, Claire Martin and Stacey Kent are all lined up between now and September; listings on their web site. What’s puzzling me is these gigs are eye wateringly expensive (all between £22 and £30 – you can get into Ronnie Scott’s for less) and there is so little promotion of them that its almost as if they are being held in secret. Puzzling – and a shame. Great little venue and I for one would like to be supporting jazz of this quality just round the corner. Ho hum.


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