Jazz Family Holiday: Trinity Jazz Summer School

I’m off to a bubble of jazz for the week today, otherwise known as the Trinity Summer School and mentally pigeon holed by me as the Jazz Family Holiday. I wrote once before about it here. These days its not a search for a magic ingredient to transform my playing; the penny dropped long ago that for me such improvement as I manage  comes from a curious alchemy of listening, playing, practising, applying and random inspiration. So I’m looking forward to re-freshing friendships and being re energised for playing and learning having had a quiet ish playing year, mainly due to other bits of life absorbing my attention.

I continue to be intrigued by the evolution of the ‘jazz education’ scene. There are now dozens and dozens of summers schools in UK and abroad as well as a few throughout the year. There’s clearly a huge appetite for the experience. Who is it jumping in there? The Trinity summer school, following in the tradition of its predecessor, The Glamorgan Summer School is overtly inclusive .

“The ethos of the course, established over many years, is one of learning in a supportive environment. We have students of all ages and abilities and try to cater for their needs by grouping like-minded people together, so that the more advanced players can be stretched and the more inexperienced players can be nurtured and encouraged in a comfortable setting” says the website..

Many of the punters are adult learners for whom participation and achieving personal milestones are their own reward. These days it also attracts younger players, drawn by the allure of the name Trinity and its association with the overtly exclusive conservatoire with its now prestigious jazz course directed by Simon Purcell . That adds  another dimension, but you can be sure there’ll be a little jazz universe created for a week and something special is boung to happen.

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