Launching the good ship summer school

Having my trusty Mac with me and a newly acquired mobile internet stick (pay as you go) means I can add the odd post as the week unfolds. Maybe the number of posts will be in inverse proportion to the amount of fun, but we’ll see. The tradition ( if a three year pattern can be called a tradition) of starting the course with a Sunday evening boat trip down the Thames continued tonight. Great idea, because of course the idea of everyone here being a group, and social is established before anyone has played a note.

There were a few faces I knew, but then I have returned annually for more than a decade so that’s bound to be: the truth is I learned to play jazz on these summer schools. Rubbing shoulders with the tutors, some of the best players on the British scene, listening to them play every night, exchanging ideas and notes with my peers and people who I can say “psst… what are you doing there?” – these are all part of that elusive, random inspiration.

So as I exchanged wry smiles with Martin this evening and we agreed that we both felt slightly sheepish as being back again, really we know why we are back. Something is going to happen, there’ll be sparks and inspiration – we just have to wait to see where its coming from.

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