dispatches from the jazz bubble

So not too much blogging this week – but lots of playing. my motivation for signing up this year was to re-charge the jazz batteries, play a lot and re-focus my musical energies. There’s been plenty of magic: from the first night watching Nikki Iles and geoff Simpkins lead an instant band through ‘In your own sweet way’ – Steve Watts, Dave Wickens, Julian siegal also on board or last night with a roaring version of  the cole Porter standard WHat is this thing called love taken with an up-tempo samba groove eliciting a typically angualr absorbing solo from Liam Nobel at the piano and geoff on great form again. But the lesson of the week for me has been once again that for all our inevitable obsession with which notes to play and technical mastery, there’s no subsitute for getting really simple things right – determined once again to concentrate on playing with with good time and feel and getting the understanding of rythm even more instinctive and programmed in.  The focussing moment of my week then has been spending half an hour with a band really concentraing again on rythmic placement of notes and felling the energy and excitement that is added to the simplest of material. All the playing, meeting new people, catching up with old friends has been brilliant too.


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