Magic Hat Ensemble, What’s in a name

A glorious Thursday evening almost achieving the trick of making me believe it was mid-summer and not late April  seemed like a good omen for the Magic Hat Ensemble. Would it be too cruel to use the name for a series of not very funny gags based on their non-appearance at St. James Wine Vaults last night? I wheezed up at the appointed hour (the weather had induced me to break out the bike), only to find that the band were still waiting for the AA somewhere beside the the M4 just outside London. Ho hum – lets hope they make to Bristol for this evening where they are due at the Be-Bop Club.  It did conjure up a rather pleasing image of a band really on tour all squashed into a (not very reliable) van. The dates on their itinerary  confirm they have been getting about a bit.



  1. I can only apologise on their behalf. As one of their Uncles and a friend of their unfortunate van driver I can assure you they are all conscientious individuals with every intention of fulfilling every gig in what appears to be a diminishing calendar. Thank you for your love of live music and optimism in the face of massive odds.

  2. Thanks Joe, I was sorry to have missed them and was busy the following night in Bristol so couldn’t go. Heard good things about the gig though

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