Of Quiet Tigers and Pushy Doctors

Two sparsely populated gigs this weekend have led to me to muse briefly on the vagaries and hazards of promoting gigs. Colston Hall’s hugely welcome ‘Leftfield’ series that puts on an adventurous programme of music hosted Kit Downes’ new line-up. Local pub putting on loads of music in the back streets of inner city Easton, the Greenbank, hosted again the Pushy Doctors: Andy Sheppard letting it all hang out in a very hot organ trio. I’d say the audience was similar for both, under 50, although atmosphere was probably less polite in the Greenbank and hence excitement levels higher . The unannounced Pushy Doctors gig relied on word of mouth and networks, but should the Colston Hall have done better, hot holiday weekend notwithstanding? Who can say, but getting the word out seems to be difficult at the moment. So here’s a heads up for another cracker that seems a bit below the the radar. Asaf Sirkis trio play the upstairs room at the Fat Fowl in Bradford-of Avon next Thursday (28th April). I’ve found out about that one by accident as well. So much great music popping up in the unexpected locations at the moment.


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