Use it or lose it….

“Use it or lose it” said the punter quoted by  Ian Storrer in his news letter announcing the end of the music series at Future Inn. The harsh economics have caught up with it and a business that has been supporting a fantastic club over the last couple of years has decided it can’t sustain it. The audiences just weren’t big enough regularly enough. Its harsh to place a sort of moral imperative on people to go to live music, but the equally harsh reality is if they don’t in sufficient numbers, then it won’t be there to see. That thought echoed a bit last night as I looked at the modest crowd out for Katya Gorrie at the Wine Vaults with the Jazzhouse Trio. She delivered her set to an appreciative but small crowd who lapped up the well honed standards and down beat repartee backed by the trio with Vyv in his usual hard swinging but never predicable form.  Bass man Wade Edwards has performed heroics keeping the gig going lets hope the chill winds don’t blow another great little club away


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  1. Use it or lose it indeed! Wise words well put Mike. I’ve run a ‘Jazz Elite’ series of gigs in Oxford in one of the UK’s most gorgeous churches, a beautiful Yamaha C7 grand piano, superb acoustics and I’ve paid musicians a guaranteed wage to appear. Our last performance was Kristian Borring 4tet – possibly one of the finest modern jazz performances I have ever heard, period – they played to 12 people……I lost for the third month running and will simply not be able to sustain it unless audiences start attending. Wake up listening public – there’s stunning music out there, if you don’t support it, the musicians won’t get the bookings and they’ll simply give up and get a paid job – then we’ll all be banished to MP3 hell for eternity.

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