Get The Blessing,100 Club, Wednesday June 29th

Last week’s bestowal of taut, bass led riffy blessings at the 100 club still retains a warming glow in the memory (no excuse really, just been rather slow catching up on the blog).  The Get the Blessing experience is one of distilled pleasures and surprises; an intoxicating blend comprising blasts of raw, tight rocky grooves, sudden switches of mood, quietly demented, angular improvising often supplemented by judicious use of electronics, tender shapely melodies and swelling anthems over thunderous crescendos of drums. All delivered in neat parcels of 5 minutes or so.  There’s always more to them than meets the eye (and ear). The opportunity for a surprising twist and mischievous feint is rarely missed, frequently evoking grins of delight from the audience at the 100 club. Enduring images are a young women leaning across a table to explain one of bass player Jim Barr’s off beat jokes to her visibly puzzled friend; a delighted, head back laugh from another punter as a screaming crescendo of trumpet effects and scribbled phrases switches suddenly to a quiet, elegantly stated melody; Pete Judge and Jake McMurchie, eyes locked, building the tension, relishing the space in the music and exchanging gradually intensifying phrases over Clive Deamer and Jim Barr’s hissing off-centre riff.  Ivan Hewett in the daily Telegraph wanted them to let rip a bit more; certainly, the 5 minute parcels always seem to leave you wanting more – maybe that’s the point. There certainly plenty of cheers for more at the end on this evening.


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