Super Thursday: Bijou, Backstreets, Brassy or Classy?

What to do?  Contemplating an evening out in Bristol we find ourselves spoilt for choice. Is it to be bijou, backstreets, brassy or classy (ok that was dictated more by flow of words than content so apologies to anyone offended). Bijou is Busnoys at the Rose of Denmark, a trio of left field-ish creative vibes man Martin Pyne, Jim Barr on bass (Get the Blessing, Portishead etc) and the versatile and inestimable Trevor Davies on drums. Will Jim be doing a quick dash for the 10 o’clock kick off for Get the Blessing at the canteen (brassy!) – party time there I think. It could be the backstreets (of Easton) for Kevin Figes at the Greenbank for a very fine quartet playing material from Kevin’s recent album Hometime (my reactions to it here). I have a sneaking feeling we’ll end up at St. Georges for Terry Seabrook’s Milestones, and his Kind of Blue tribute, the most favoured option of my other pair of ears. Its a great band that includes Byron Wallen and Alan Barnes. Its sure to be classy.


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