Rebello postscript: Piano-drums, Father-son

I had a little thought during the first set of the gig of Thursday with Jason Rebello on piano and 15 year old son George on drums.   Thelonius Monk’s son, TS Monk is a drummer (he released an album of father Monk’s tunes in the 90s)  How many other similar pairings?

So, we have  Jason and George Rebello

Thelonius and TS Monk

Stan Tracey and son Clark

John Taylor’s son Leo is a drummer: we have John and Leo Taylor

One of the Marsalis clan had to play drums… it’s Jason

Ellis Marsalis and son Jason

Are there others? …. must be. Anyone reading this – add a few.  I nearly added Ornette Coleman and Denardo before remembering Ornette is not mainly known for playing the piano (doh!)

Update 17.02.2013:  Dave Brubeck and drummer son Dan  (thanks Bob Woodburn for this one)


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