Bristol Jazz and Blues Festival – a mini post and big up

The dust may just beginning to settle on last weekend’s Bristol Jazz and Blues Festival. I think I’ve pretty much used all my words and impressions on the pieces I did for LondonJazz on Ginger Baker, Get the Blessing and a Round Up

Charley Dunlap has reviewed a good proportion of the ticketed gigs on Listomania, and  Jazz Journal has a go too, as well as having a great crop of photos. So once more with feeling: what a triumph!  And to all the people that made it happen, they must know that more was created over the weekend than memories of great music played (fabulous as they are!).  They created a space for the thousands (and they surely were thousands) to make their own fabulous weekend. Friendships forged and strengthened, connections made, ideas of what is possible planted to flower and flourish in who knows what new setting: what a triumph.  And it was just like  a ‘real festival’ – specific arrangements to meet people seemed doomed, but stand still or just wander and it seemed it was hard not to bump into someone known well or more often, too long missed. Lets do it all again.


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