…. and to London Jazz again with a different twist…

My inbox is overflowing with emails from the festival organiser, providing a countdown to the annual mushrooming of an already frenetic London scene. Today’s (surely not the last?) announced “it’s today!  The Festival has started!” So as happened last year , the gravitational pull of so much, diverse music has proved too much and I’m on a train heading east.  I’ll be there for quite a bit of it. And this year I’m sampling an additional dimension.  Serious, producers, promoters, without whom no festival – certainly not on this scale, run a plethora of other programmes and activities alongside the festival one of which, The Write Stuff, is a programme for aspiring music writers and journalists. Falling loosely into that category, I’ve managed to persuade them to include me on the course, so as well as soaking up as much of the music and festival energy as I can I’ll be participating in an element of this remarkable fiesta. Who knows, my writing might even improve, although a reduction in typos can’t be guaranteed.


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