Craig Crofton & end of season at St. James Wine Vaults, Thursday 12th December

It’s edging towards Festive season shutdown and reflections on the year time. Over at St. James Wine Vaults Craig Crofton got to bring the curtain down on the seventh year (count ’em!) of Jazz at the Vaults. My fuller write up has found its way onto the Jazzwise Magazine’s online breaking news ; more about the great session there.  Here, another salute to the great club night that’s been established by Wade Edwards and the regular Jazzhouse Trio of him, Trevor Davies and Vyv Hope Scott. Vyv was absent on Thursday, so was replaced for the evening by John Paul Gard who had the piano chair when the session first started; a welcome return visit.   What a great programme they put on. An early highlight of 2014 will be a first visit by guitar giant Jim Mullen in early February.  There’s a great team of supporters who help with the club and I’ve name checked them before, but the nights wouldn’t be the same without DJ Tony Clark. The tracks playing before and after are often tangential complements, compliments or comments on the music on stage and the angular, deadpan humour of the MC’ing always leavens the mix.  And so they head into the eighth year optimistically, Wade confirming that 2013 saw more visitors to the session than in any previous year. Here’s hoping he’s saying the same next year.

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  1. Mike,

    Thanks for the positive write-up for the Jazz Factory showcase concert on Dec 2nd. In all the time I have been watching and “doing” Jazz factory, this was it: this was the moment when everything made sense. As you say, we even had inspirational vocalists!

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