Blowing the Blues away – Pushy Doctors and James Gardiner Bateman, Fringe/ BeBop Club 16th/ 17th January

January jazz continued with a blast last week. My round-up of the Pushy Doctors and Reuben Fowler/ James Gardiner Bateman Quintet is up on the Jazzwise website ‘breaking news’ section so I’ll just add a few random thoughts here.  I hadn’t seen the Pushy Doctors for a while and they were on sizzling form. Perhaps the regular slot at Fringe Jazz encourages adventurousness (not that they were ever coy), but they seemed even more playful and experimental than ever. An exquisite, representative  moment was after a merely typically scorching soprano sax workout on My Favourite Things,  the mood somehow transformed into a low intense pulse and the theme of In a Silent Way suddenly emerged. They all seemed startled, especially Andy Sheppard who’d played it! “We’re in a different world now… help!” he muttered. That improvising stuff is dangerous. The cavalry rushed in with the surging groove and they were off again. They are unfailingly exhilarating.   There were plenty of thrills at the BeBop.  Reuben Fowler down from London for what seemed to be a college re-union with Bristol’s own James Gardiner Bateman in the form of a roaring gig – happily to a packed house.  The college in question is Royal Academy which seems to have set up production line supplying our national scene with breathtaking and matured talent. Reuben won the Kenny Wheeler prize, part of which involved releasing an album on Edition Records. With some additional funding he recorded a big band and the results “Between the Shadows’  I’ve been listening to non-stop since I picked a copy up at the gig (I did pay for it as well). As it happened, the big band were playing the material live the following night at Kings Place in London. The pianist, Matt Robinson was down on Friday with Dave Hamblett on drums and Andrew Robb on bass. They were all on great form, with two sets of standard/ classic tunes and a couple of originals but played with passion, energy and fire to rival anyone I’ll warrant. There were the most delicate of moments from a duo on The Nearness of You between Fowler’s flugel horn and the piano, full blooded no holds barred blowing from James on Tears in Inside and just a glimpse of the new music to come from the pens of Matt Robinson and Reuben Fowler.  Surely these guys are going to entertaining, thrilling and moving us for a good few years to come.



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