Meeting the Bristol Composers Collective

Dropping into the White Bear on St. Michael’s Hill one day last week, I caught the core group of the Bristol Composers Collective discussing their next monthly session. Our illuminating and reflective chat over a drink is summarised on LondonJazzNews.  The gig on Monday (17th) will be quite varied, with compositions from several different people in the group (I met up with Jeff Spencer, Greg Cordez, Will Harris, Kevin Figes, Jake McMurchie and Nick Dover) rather than the Jake McMurchie feature advertised on their website – Jake is away on Get the Blessing duties.

Asking them what they wouldn’t put on at one of their performances prompted a thoughtful discussion. The respect in which other musicians are held  and the desire to be open minded about what would be welcome was clear, but at the same time ground rules like ‘each set should have something freshly composed’, ‘it  should be new music – its not just a gig for established bands’ mean that if you go along, even if it’s something that has been played before, it won’t have been played quite like this and there’ll always be something new.   Listeners should come with an open mind too.

All gigs are at the Wardrobe Theatre, above the White Bear, St. Michael’s Hill. They are monthly – the next gig is Monday February 17th, then Monday 17th March when collectivist Jeff Spencer features a set with his London based band Nightjar, the then April 14th and May 12th.



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