Summer jazz and Blue Eyed Hawks

The nights are shortening aren’t they, even if the sun has returned to tease us a bit.  Summer is over. The blog may have been quiet, but the ears have been wagging.  Brecon jazz Festival turned 30 years old and my impressions are here on the Jazzwise website.  The new promoters Orchard are doing a fine job of putting together a varied programme with some really exciting music on over mid August weekend The residents’ capacity to use the occasion to party hard, everywhere, all weekend seems undiminished adding plenty of atmosphere. Over the last weekend I’ve been listening to the newly released CD by Blue Eyed Hawk, the London based quartet of Chaos Collective shakers and movers, Lauren Kinsella, Laura Jurd, Alex Roth  and Corrie Dick.  My review is here on the EDN1054-Blue-Eyed-HawkLondon Jazz news site. What an extraordinary album it is.  A bit of everything in there stylistically including thunderous rock, but every track seems to have at its core really strong melody, no matter how layered or frenetic the arrangement.  Excitingly, Bristol located folk can check them out live at a free foyer gig on Friday at Bristol’s Colston Hall.  Early evening so don’t miss them –details here

I love listening to music and attending live gigs  as often as life permits. The blog captures as much of that as I can.  Playing and performing myself gives me as much, if not more pleasure (listeners can report whether the pleasure is reciprocated!) This summer has also been spent re-energising my playing,  culminating in two days in the fabulous Fieldgate Studios in Penarth near Cardiff last week, recording mainly quartet and trio pieces. My timing in terms of dates was impeccable at least.  They were the same two days as the  NATO summit took place just outside Newport, meaning we traveled there under the watchful eyes of literally hundreds of police lurking in the most unlikely places (but most often on bridges and in the middle of roundabouts).  The results of the studio time will hopefully emerge later in the Autumn. And it promises to be a vibrant and musical Autumn with some great music scheduled in the Bristol/ Bath areas clubs – preview coming soon.


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