October Fest – Bristol: Be-Bop Club & Hen and Chicken gigs

I’m pretty sure no-one co-ordinated it, but if we all start saying it, maybe the word will get out. It’s October Fest! The Be-Bop Club’s every Friday gig schedule, combined with a for-one-month-only every Sunday flurry from the Hen & Chicken, makes a October a bustling month for gigs.  And you already know about every Wednesday at The Fringe.  No-one need to go anywhere, some of the best, hottest tickets on the UK (Europe/ World?) are coming to us.

Starting tonight at the BeBop Club, up and coming former local lad (somewhere near Frome again!), now based in Europe, Mark Pringle brings an International Quartet to the BeBop. LondonJazz News spoke to him. Next week it’s Dee Byrne’s Entropi touring on the back of their loudly praised album (Guardian 4* review here). That band features former local residents Olie Brice and Rebecca Nash.  With SW based Sam Massey following and Josephine Sartori rounding off the month (in case you missed her at the Hen and Chicken last week), its a bumper BeBop month.

Meanwhile over at the Hen & Chicken, Ian Storrer has cooked up a no less varied month. Sarting with Christian Garrick on Sunday, next week its Craig Handy (yes that Craig Handy, former Herbie Hancock sideman and…  book your ticket now). Following that up with Ollie Rockberger the month is rounded off by the sublime, uncategorisable Malija comprising Mark Lockeart, Liam Noble and Jaspar Hoiby.  I reviewed their album here.

And finally.. it’s not quite October, but don’t forget, Andy Sheppard is launching his new ECM album with Michel Benita, Eivind Aarset and Seb Rochford at St. George’s on 7th November (it’s not quite sold out. Yet)


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