Coming up for air – back on the (jazz) blog.

3b70c795-926c-43be-89a1-2db9e3c4f21cIt’s been a while. With no pre-meditation, I discovered that there was a limit to the number of things I could simultaneously think about and do, and that posting here ‘dropped off the end’.  Slightly depressingly, my office assistant Ruby seemed to need an extended nap after proof-reading but a short section of what has been one of the major distractions from jazz-blogging.

I wasn’t completely inactive at the end of last year, reviewing  London Jazz Festival gigs by Tomas Stanko, Elliot Galvin’s Trio, an Ivo Neame/ Golden Age of Steam double bill and Fred Hersch.   If you forced me to choose (they were all utterly absorbing), I have found myself slightly breathlessly telling people about The Golden Age of Steam gig, but frequently, quietly returning in my mind to the magic of Fred Hersch’s performance.    I also reviewed Huw Warren’s new solo album and a re-release of any eighties session by Rob Koral featuring the late and much missed Pete Saberton.   Click on the links in the customary manner if you’d like to read about any of those.

Mostly however, I’ve not been writing about jazz or posting here.  A time away can be occasion to reconsider – but the main focus of this blog has always been to reflect on the music I encounter and not attempt to be comprehensive nationally or locally, so I’ll be picking up those threads.

I’ve no appetite for a backlog however, so here’s a list of people and music I intended to write about, but never quite made it – links are an invitation to explore. Local (ish) (there is so much creative , high quality and individual music being created ‘out West’ that seems not to get the attention it deserves): Andy Christie’s Quartet Difference and Repetition (cello, piano, bass and drums) – entrancing;  Khamira, Welsh/Indian/folk-jazz and a bit of everything. Bristol Reggae Orchestra – just check them out. Not local, but one that got away; In all My Holy Mountain; Nikki Iles’ settings of the poetry of Mary Webb, played by an Octet with poetry.

Others have been keeping us posted and reviewing assiduously – Tony Benjamin on Bristol 24/7 and Jon Turney seem to be everywhere, thank goodness!   I’ll be joining in again now.




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