Bloglet 1 – Claire Martin & Liane Carroll

It’s mid-February (14th of course) and the heating has failed at the Wiltshire Music Centre.  Coming out for the second set, Claire Martin has borrowed a cardigan.  Martin and Liane Carroll have known each other for ever and they are having such a good time singing mainly standards, we really have forgotten to notice icey feet and cold noses.  There are a trio of moments. First, Carroll’s capacity to abandon herself to a song is poured into Let There Be Love.  Soulful swoops, bluesy squalls from the piano make it sound like its only ever been her song.  Then Martin’s jazzy twists to When I Fall in Love make such a familiar song sound freshly minted. Finally a blistering swinger, harmonised, boppish lines and trading phrases like sax players is tinglingly exciting – was that Bye Bye Blackbird?  There are songs folded artfully within songs.  They never get old when they’re delivered with this sort of class.


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