Bloglet 2 – Greg Cordez, Last Things Last Launch

Greg Cordez recorded his album in Brooklyn with a stellar band. I’ve reviewed elsewhere as has Jon Turney (here). We loved it.  There was a moment (amongst many) at the UK/ Bristol launch.  The music managed to be so many things at once.  Greg doesn’t stand still, the launch featured as much older and new music as it did the album in question. This was a new one. It started slow (ish) – a slightly foreboding throb from the bass. Pete Judge‘s trumpet and Jake McMurchie’s melodic hooks meshed.  Somehow it all grew into a tumult. Steve Banks’ guitar screaming through the fiercely anguished horn lines whilst Matt Brown lashed his drums. Then the storm subsided.  It was a crystallising moment.  It was thrilling, ‘good to be alive’ music, and a bit sad as well.  There’s a fitting phrase I heard –  it’s not my line, but I’ll use it – one of the band said to me ‘Greg does melancholy in major key’.  It’s great music and I want to hear the band play it again.


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