Bloglet 3 – Alan Barnes, back at the Vaults

Barnsey does banter.  Any gig will be reliably peppered with laugh out loud observations and stories. But the music is serious business.  The Vaults’ resident trio (Wade Edwards, Vyv Hope Scott, Trevor Davies) were on form and the standards well chosen.  And then a reminder that if there’s a reservoir of the spirit that animated the originators and IMG_2780innovators in jazz, sometimes Alan Barnes seems to have direct access.  He called Prelude to A Kiss, strapped on the baritone, the trio dropped into  a groove. Ballads are slow. Great bands feel the time, the pulse, together.  As they moved into the bridge, the hairs on my arm prickled, time seemed to stand still. The melody on the bari tugged and floated over the pulse.  The trio didn’t do much. They didn’t need to, breathing as one was enough.  A perfect moment, worth coming out for on its own.  The banter was a bonus.


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