CD Round Up: Jarrett, Stenson, Smith, Millar and some Gershwin.

There’s been a steady drip of reviews for London Jazz News going up from this end over the last couple of months so a quick listing and link here to log them (and celebrate).

It has been a purple patch for pianists.  With a Bobo Stenson Trio album (review here) from a very much, still active band as we witnessed in Stockholm, the Jarrett Standards Trio album was a glorious gust from beyond the musical grave (review here) with a live set from the now thoroughly retired line-up.  Walter Smith’s Twio was a different proposition, a sax led, mainly trio album (he’s joined on a few numbers by Joshua Redman) it’s another standards set but with a different, no less visceral energy (review here). The Gershwin Moment provided, well a moment of Gershwin from the classical end of the virtuoso pianist spectrum, courtesy of Kirill Gerstein (review here). Tom Millar’s one of the younger, emerging players on the British scene and on the evidence of his debut (review here), there’s plenty more to come.


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