Coming soon to Bristol: Just about everything. Riley to the Necks; Kamasi to Williamson.. and more.

There’s always great stuff happening around Bristol and Bath and Tony Benjamin in the Bristol 24/7 culture section, with regular boosters and supplements from Jon Turney makes it pretty easy to find. The regular high quality diet aside however, there are a few head-turning gigs coming up, with a dense thicket of them at the end of May.

Terry Riley, something of a godfather to looping, minimalism and experimentation appears at St. George’s on Saturday (13th April) and who else in Bristol embellishing the gig afterwards, but Eyebrow. But wait, there’s more. Come May 27th at Exchange, Australian trio The Necks appear, each performance of theirs improvised and unique and surely out of the same stable as the Riley/Eyebrow gig.

The Thursday before that Tuesday night Necks gig (on the 23rd), there’s an agonising choice. At O2 Academy, Kamasi Washington touches down with his band and brand of spiritual jazz complete with tenor sax pyrotechnics, whilst on the same evening at St. George’s, Steve Williamson pursues his dense tenor sax odyssey, surely qualifying for near legend status by now. The only upside of having to make that choice, is it’s a win either way.

,What’s this on the last Friday in April (26th) at the BeBop club? Henry Lowther brings his Still Waters band. This is the cream of British jazz. Lowther has played with everyone in his 5o+ year career. The BeBop listings summarise it pretty well, but miss Anthony Braxton from the CV, a reminder of Lowther’s range. His CV may only be exceeded by Dave Green on bass that evening, whose career stretches back to Ronnie Scott’s house band in the sixties. Not a gig to miss.

What a range of music on the doorstep over the next couple of months from originators and legends! That’s before we get into Ian Storrer’s latest series now re-located to the Bristol Od Vic or, still slightly below the radar, another Nod Knowles sequence of gems in Bath at Widcombe Social Club.

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