Back on the Blog – Part 1: Ambleside Days, CD Reviews & Live Reviews from the last few months

The last couple of months or so have been quiet on this particular front, proof once again to me were it necessary, that there are a limit to the hours in the day and the number of directions in which I can channel attention and effort. A fair bit of that effort has been non-jazz related, happily there’s been plenty of music and I’ve written elsewhere, if not here. I’ve collected most of it together below, partly to catalogue, and as a re-entry for this blog. Ambleside Days Festival was a real highlight and back in May, Cheltenham was a vintage edition of that festival with one of the quietest moments, Marc Copland’s solo set, being one of the most luminous in the memory.

The round-up/ summary looks like it will become a bit of a favoured format for a while, both of live experiences and recorded. Coming very soon then, a bit of a round up of CDs I’ve been listening to, a lovely mix of local-ish to Bristol/ Bath, UK wide and a sprinkling of Nordic.

First though, the collection of writing posted elsewhere, roughly in reverse chronological order:

Ambleside Days Festival Reviews

Simcock/ Walker & Friends Photo: David Forman

CD Reviews (for London Jazz News)

Cheltenham Festival Gig Reviews (for London Jazz)

Photos: John Watson


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