Reviews Roundup – my listening for London Jazz News

No great personal dramas lie behind the six month or so hiatus on this blog, although it’s not unrelated to the global drama in which we’re all caught up. I have however posted a few reviews for London Jazz News in that time, so now that the fingers are creakily tapping away at the keyboard again, I’ve rounded up the lockdown and beyond series here. I spy a few piano trios, some fine small band releases and the magnificent Maria Schneider Orchestra. All the links are below with hanging first sentence courtesy of LJN.

Maria Schneider Orchestra – “Data Lords”

Maria Schneider Orchestra – Data Lords ArtistShare AS0176. CD review by Mike Collins) There’s no chance of missing the themes that have inspired the music on Data Lords, Maria Schneider’s latest release […]

Wako – “Wako” and Kjetil Mulelid Trio – “What You Thought Was Home”

Wako – Wako Kjetil Mulelid Trio – What You Thought Was Home (Øra Fonogram OF157 / Rune Grammofon RCD2208. CD reviews by Mike Collins) A brace of releases in the depths of […]

Nicholas/Viklický/Dvorský/Wickins – “One Two Three Four”

Nicholas/Viklický/Dvorský/Wickins – One Two Three Four (BeBoss Records. CD review by Mike Collins) One Two Three Four is a live set in more than one sense. Of course, it’s a recording of […]

Will Vinson – “four forty one”

Will Vinson – four forty one (Whirlwind Recordings WR4752. CD review by Mike Collins) Alto saxophonist Will Vinson’s latest release brings us the fruit of a remarkable series of collaborations, recorded over […]

Peter Hum – “Ordinary Heroes”

Peter Hum – Ordinary Heroes ( CD review by Mike Collins) From across the Atlantic comes a recording by Canadian polymath, pianist and composer Peter Hum. Ordinary Heroes is a set of […]

Enrico Pieranunzi/Jasper Somsen/Jorge Rossy – “Common View”

Enrico Pieranunzi/Jasper Somsen/Jorge Rossy – Common View (Challenge CR73459. CD review by Mike Collins) Italian pianist Enrico Pieranunzi is a giant of European jazz. He began playing and recording with bass player […]

Kenny Barron/ Dave Holland Trio ft. Johnathan Blake – “Without Deception”

Kenny Barron/ Dave Holland Trio ft. Johnathan Blake- Without Deception (Dare2 Records DR2-011. CD review by Mike Collins) Kenny Barron and Dave Holland go back a long way. There’s a trio […]


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