Live Music, hello!

Live music is back with a vengance. Summer it seems was a time for faltering first steps and dipping toes in water. It has been busy enough, if you’ve kept eyes and ears peeled and sharing spaces has felt comfortable. There’s no missing the lift-off in September with Bristol Jazz and Blues leading the way at the beginning of the month with a full programme at Lakota Gardens. There’s plenty continuing through the Autumn, so a quick list here seems a good way to continue reacquaint myself with the blog.

Familiar regular programmes are back, but not quite as before with a few relocations, but first another mini-fest with a Celebration of Keith Tippett covering next weekend at St. George’s. There’s a nice preview on London Jazz News by Jon Turney.

Now about those regular programmes:

The BeBop Club is running weekly again, no longer on a Friday at The Bear, but on a Thursday at the Hen and Chicken. Andy Hague has conjured a varied programme, introducing new talent, hosting some touring acts and some of our top class more established local acts. The programme is here

Fringe Jazz has also moved, to Bristol Music Club, as I’ve mulled over. Another fantastic weekly programme (here) – that’s your Wednesday nights sorted.

Fringe Jazz may have moved, but there’s still jazz at The Fringe. Nick Malcolm and Alex Merritt seem to be behind a new monthly session on the first Tuesday called Fringe In The Round. The format is of double bills mainly solo, duo or trios and they have mouth watering series lined up. They all look like great sets, but if Xhosa Cole’s recently released album Know Them Know Us is a guide, his trio set in November is one not to miss.

Those are the regulars, but keeping tabs on what is going on at a host of other places. Bristol Beacon are promoting some eyecatching gigs, some in their foyer and some at venues around the city notably at The Jam Jar and the Trinity Centre: Matthew Halsall, Fergus McCreadie, Ashley Henry, Mark Lockheart, a double bill of World Service Project and Roller Trio are amongst the offerings. Add St. George’s to the mix and there’s plenty more including Courtney Pine with Zoe Rahman in duo, and appealing new projects from Rebecca Nash and Slowly Rolling Camera

Tony Benjamin seems to be doing a monthly look ahead for Bristol 24/7 , which is well worth checking for the sheer range of happenings, I’ve just listed regular and quite ‘visible’.

A final wave of the flag for the small and/or quirky. There’s such a rich scene in the area that there’s a high chance there’s something magical happening round the corner from you. El Rincon in Bedminster is a fine example. the Tiny Gig series is a ticket only, 20 people, gig with solo/ duo/ trio of some of Bristol’s finest, often for a 2, now and then 3, night run usually in an unexpected combination, programmed by Pete Judge. Details of who and when here

This is a sample, not a comprehensive look ahead, even so there’s a lot of nourishment for the soul to be had.

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