To shuffle a (play) list. No 1 of an occasional series

I had a moment of hesitation before confessing to owning, and using pretty regularly, an iPod. Remember them? I’m often in possession of CDs (no, really) that I want to listen to, sometimes because I’m writing about them, more often for pure pleasure. Earphones and iPod whilst on the move is still a solution that works for me and requires no internet connection. Over time, the contents of the iPod have taken on a pleasingly random nature, a mixture of choices of well loved material and new stuff that I’ve either been invited to listen to, or have sought out.

Currently, I’m making occasional, really quite short train journeys and have taken to shuffling the songlist and to enjoy what the gradually shifting pool of music throws at me. As I seem to have fallen into a bit of list habit, I thought I’d leave the random selection here every now and then.

Today, Bath to Bristol (about 15 mins plus a bit of walking either end)

Morning SpriteAkoustic Band LiveChick Corea
Was It Written In The StarsYoung DreamsIris Bergcrantz
KhnemuPSIAshley John Long
Just To See YouInternationally Recognised AliensThe Impossible Gentleman

I won’t usually comment, but I was in a very good mood arriving at my destination, and grinning broadly as ‘Khnemu’ played, Ashley John Long’s track from his album of solo bass improvisations. Every now and then one those pieces pops up as a slightly startling aural palate cleanser.

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