To shuffle a (play) list: No. 5 in an occasional series

Another Bath to Bristol return journey. The return journey started with Bobo Stenson, I fear my contented sigh might have disturbed the carriage! Stenson and the trio interpreting the tunes of Silvio Rodriguez is an irresistible combination in my book. I notice also that 6/8 are pianist led ensembles (or solo in the case of certain Mr Jarrett).

I Found You In The JamMells Bells Sam Crockatt Quartet
Loftopus Pt 2Tomato BrainThe Golden Age of Steam
LuluDreamlandEliot Galvin
Part VIIIMunich 2016Keith Jarrett
Cancion Contra La IndecisionContra La IndecisionBobo Stenson
YstadInto The NightJan Lundgren, Emile Parisien, Lars Danielssen
Walking The PeakHighway RiderBrad Mehldau
AvaWhirlpoolJohn Taylor

The contents of my iPod have taken on a pleasingly random nature over time, a mixture of well loved material and new stuff that I’ve either been invited to listen to, or have sought out. I’m posting the shuffle function’s selections on occasional short train journeys


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