To shuffle a (play) list: No. 6 in an occasional series

It’s been a while, but another Bath to Bristol return trip was the occasion for this shuffled list. Does the iPod have some ‘monitoring-emotional-response’ facility? I wondered as it selected back to back Maria Schneider this morning.

Rude in Der Horchenden NachtWeltentraumMichael Wollny
No Road for ReadersContinuumBridges with Seamus Blake
Look UpData LordsMaria Schneider Orchestra
Walking By FlashlightThe Thompson FieldsMaria Schneider Orchestra
Very Well Under One SkyMark Lewandowski
We SeeSunday At The VanguardFred Hersch
Salley GardenChasing RainbowsBabelfish
The Message ContinuesSourceNubya Garcia

The contents of my iPod have taken on a pleasingly random nature over time, a mixture of well loved material and new stuff that I’ve either been invited to listen to, or have sought out. I’m posting the shuffle function’s selections on occasional short train journeys.


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