cropped-mike_collins55.jpgI started this blog back in 2008 to add occasional music related posts, muse and ramble about things I like or interest me and add the occasional review of something I’ve listened to or seen. I also thought I’d add a few about my own journey as a musician.

I have done all of those things but it seems to have evolved into much more of a record and appreciation of what I see around me mainly on the increasingly diverse and vibrant scene around Bristol and Bath where I live.  I’ve also been pleased to start contributing to other blogs and publications occasionally – at the moment that’s  Listomania locally, London Jazz News and the odd piece for Jazzwise‘s website.

Do check out my website  www.mikecollinstrio.com   I write about the music because I love it and it enriches my life. Playing it may not be what I do best, but in truth it’s what I like doing the best.

If you’ve found your way here, I’d love it if you leave a comment.


  1. Hi Mike
    Sorry I shall miss your gig this evening, but I’m off to visit family in London.

    Hope it goes well, and give my regards to Lee.

    best wishes


  2. Hello Mike – I’ve just found you! Didn’t realise you were doing this – it’s really good.

    Are you involved in the jam session at the Greenbank in Bristol at all? (I was searching for this when I found you)

    See you soon.


  3. Hello Mike

    Nice blog, lots to learn from it, especially why people enjoyed Esperanza so much! I was at that gig, and didn’t enjoy it as much as others, so it’s good to listen to other viewpoints. If you have time, please check out my blog at onlyjazzblog.wordpress.com



  4. Hmm…, glad it wasn’t just me. Somehow, as a white woman, I found it hard to relate to her comments about men. I think I was also in the mindset for Phronesis who we dashed to see after Esperanza!

  5. Hi Mike
    Excuse this unconventional approach; but I’d love to have your email address to send you information on shows we have coming up.

    Piers at Serious.

  6. Hi Mike,

    My name is Mark Wade and I am a jazz bassist and composer in New York City. I am currently signed to Edition 46 Records (Berlin) who will be releasing my CD ‘Event Horizon’ in Europe on Feb. 26th. Would you be interested in listening to a copy of my record and considering it for review? I can get you a copy in you are interested. You can learn more about me at my website http://www.markwademusicny.com. I hope you don’t mind leaving me leaving this message here.


  7. Hey Mike,
    I’m still interested in sending you a link or vinyl for a review.

  8. Hi Mike

    I’m a trumpet player from Denmark just about to release my second album with my quintet Bagland. I’m releasing the new album on a 10” vinyl. It is to be released the 9th of July under the Aarhus(DK) label Jaeger Community.
    Would you be interested in listening to the record and considering it for at review?
    VIdeo of the 1st single: https://youtu.be/kRAZUpQj8Mg
    Thanks in advance

    Kindly regards
    Jakob Sørensen

  9. Hi Mark,
    Thanks for doing an awesome blog. I saw you recently did a nice review on my friend Jakob Sørensens new album, and was wondering if you’d consider the new album from my Danish indie-jazz band “Røgsignal” for a review as well? Here’s a link to the video for our newest single: https://youtu.be/3kREurVogns
    The album will be out this friday the 10th of May. If you’re interested, please get back to me for press material and a copy of the vinyl 🙂

    All the best from DK.
    – Nikolaj

    • Hello! My name is Leon.
      On November 13, my debut album came out.
      Contemporary experimental jazz.
      I really want you to listen to my album, and if you like it, write about it.
      I would be grateful for your feedback in any case.
      Album links http://band.link/XvcIK
      Cheers from Russia!

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