Three jazz bloglets – an intro

In a seven day per period, starting on Valentine’s day, I drank in three very different musical experiences.  The first was was a duo of Brit-Jazz royalty, Claire Martin and Liane Carroll at the Wiltshire Music Centre. Next up, on a Monday night (19th Feb), was Greg Cordez launching his album Last things Last at a packed Wardrobe Theatre in Bristol, recorded in Brooklyn and played on Monday by a band packed with Bristol-Jazz royalty.  Finally on Thursday (22nd), it was a return to Bath’s St. James Wine Vaults for more Brit-Jazz royalty, this times on sax, the incomparable Alan Barnes.

In gigs that stick in the mind, there’s often a moment that stands out. Perhaps it crystallises what’s exciting or compelling about the music; perhaps something different happens or maybe its just the accumulation of many moments .  That was true of each of these three gigs for me, so what follows are three short descriptions of those moments.  Let’s call them bloglets.


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